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Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Bike Antlers are a standout piece for any urban-cabin. Starting with a simple piece of wood, we hand-cut every plaque with care and then mount our favorite bike handlebars to create a unique taxidermy mount for your home.


The Idea

One snowy day on her way to work, Lizzie pulled up to a pick-up truck full of junk - a fairly frequent site on Grand Rapids' West Side. As a casual antiquer and a curious cat, she began examining the contents: a broken grill, up-side-down lawn mower,  a rake, and then - ohmygod- a deer? Could that be a deer?!? Inching closer to the truck, heart breaking for this poor buck among ruins, she took a deep breath - her not-yet-caffeinated-eyes had fooled her: it was simply a rusted bike emerging from the pile.

And so began, Bike Antlers. 

Oh deer.

Oh deer.