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Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Bike Antlers are a standout piece for any urban-cabin. Starting with a simple piece of wood, we hand-cut every plaque with care and then mount our favorite bike handlebars to create a unique taxidermy mount for your home.

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The Mitten

Michigan Made

Bike Antlers are handcrafted in West Michigan - where the summer sunsets amaze and the winters months can last a lifetime. Grand Rapids is the second largest city in the state and turned out to be the ideal location to incubate an idea like Bike Antlers due to the community's interest in urbanism and our natural draw to earthy design from our mid-western roots. 

You would not be hard pressed to find many basements, garages, sheds, cabins, or barns here in Michigan that would be chalked full of biking, camping, fishing, and hunting gear. 

That's why we decided to combine our love of cabin visits with our love of the two-wheel cruise. (And we can leave out all of that hunting nonsense.)