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Bike Antlers are a standout piece for any urban-cabin. Starting with a simple piece of wood, we hand-cut every plaque with care and then mount our favorite bike handlebars to create a unique taxidermy mount for your home.

The Crew

We believe that everyone in the world should find themselves an "Uncle Ron" if you don't already have one. That is the only way this project could have come to fruition. As a former art student currently working in IT marketing, Lizzie Williams had the idea to create a set of Bike Antlers as a birthday gift for a friend who is a 100%-over-the-top bike enthusiast. When she tossed the idea out to a co-worker who has similar passion for the two-wheel-cruise, his face immediately lit up and he exclaimed that she had to make a second pair so he could have one. But there was one problem - Lizzie needed to enlist the help of someone who had a few key qualities:

  1. Had an appreciation for wood-working;

  2. Had the tools necessary;

  3. Was willing and interested in spending a considerable amount of time with her

She knew right away the only person to help her achieve her goal was her Uncle Ron. (With additional guidance from her Aunt Kathy, of course. The three of them had worked on a latheing project together in 2013 so she knew that the two of them could handle this new project!)

Our team has now been working together for over three years to create unique, beautifully designed, pieces of art to be hung in the home, or near your favorite Schwinn. We love to design and create unique objects for your home. 

We hope you enjoy living with our pieces as much as we enjoy making them!

Lizzie Williams, founder of

Lizzie Williams, founder of